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Nazarene Safe

The M19 Workshop “Nazarene Safe: The Next Steps,” presented by Rev. Leslie Hart refers to a systematic approach to preventing child abuse in the church.

Nazarene Safe™: Preventing Sexual Misconduct
What is a Safety System and How Do I Create One?

Nazarene Safe was developed to help churches create safe ministry environments, policies, and practices to prevent sexual misconduct and protect minors.
Reducing the risk of sexual misconduct requires effective training. The following presentations are provided to help Nazarene Churches design effective safety systems to keep children safe from sexual abuse.

Session 1: Introduction to a Safety System Video Worksheet 1 & Worksheet 1 with answers
Session 2: Facts vs. Misconceptions Video Worksheet 2 & Worksheet 2 with answers
Session 3: A 5-Part Safety System Video Worksheet 3 & Worksheet 3 with answers
Session 4: Criminal Background Check Video Worksheet 4 & Worksheet 4 with answers
Session 5:  Additional Screening Methods Video Worksheet 5 & Worksheet 5 with answers
Session 6: Tailored Policies and Procedures Video Worksheet 6 & Worksheet 6 with answers
Session 7: Monitoring and Oversight Video Worksheet 7 & Worksheet 7 with answers

Click here to view and download all seven Nazarene Safe™:  Preventing Sexual Misconduct videos.

Click here to view and download the video worksheets, logos, booklet, and sample ministry application with checklist.

Click here to view and download Nazarene Safe™: Guidelines for Establishing Policies and Procedures for Protecting Minors and Preventing Sexual Misconduct, a full-color, 19-page booklet.

These free downloadable resources are to be reproduced only for educational use in local church and district ministries.

If you have any questions or your district would be interested in hosting Nazarene Safe workshops or a Nazarene Safe Training Day, contact Rev. Leslie Hart (